Rehearsal Schedule

AUTUMN TERM 2023  (Venue Christchurch, Sutton)

Venue Risk Assessment

Rachmaninov Isle of the Dead
Arnold Oboe concerto 
Prokoviev Symphony No. 5

SEP 12 General run-through
SEP 19 7.45 Strings only – Arnold
8.30 Full orchestra -Prokofiev III
9.15 Full orchestra -Prokofiev IV
SEP 26 Rachmaninov
Prokofiev I and II
OCT 3 7.45 Prokofiev III and IV
9.15 Annual General Meeting
OCT 10 Sectional rehearsals:
7.45 – 9.45    Strings at Christchurch
8.15 – 10.00 Woodwind and Brass
OCT 17 Prokofiev (all)
OCT 24 HALF TERM – No rehearsal
OCT 31 Rachmaninov, Prokofiev 
NOV 7 tba
NOV 14 Strings only – Arnold
NOV 21 Rachmaninov, Prokofiev – all
NOV 25 CONCERT DAY St Andrews URC Cheam
2.00pm Rehearsal 7.30 pm CONCERT

Future concert dates

DATE/VENUE Programme
March  23rd 2024 St Andrews
Capriccio Espagnol- Rimsky-Korsakov 
Concierto di Aranjuez – Rodrigo
                              Soloist Daniel Bovey
Iberia  – Debussy
Carmen Suite -Bizet
June 29th 2024 All Saints Carshalton A Night at the Movies including Star Wars, Titanic, Mission Impossible. and much more!
November 30th 2024 St Andrews
Glinka – Overture from Ruslan and Ludmilla
Prokoviev- Piano Concerto no.2
                                   Soloist Karl Lutchmayer
Tchaikovsky – Symphony no.4